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Once you have decided which card, poster, Ad Card or other product you which to order, go to the order form at the bottom of each page, and enter the requested information.


Select the Item you want at the top of the order entry form.


Once you have filled in the necessary information, and uploaded you logo, press the PRINT button for you pre-confirmation recorded of you order, and then press the CONTINUE button to go to the order payment page, where you add this item to your cart.


If you want more items, select that after adding this item to your cart.





Browse our Christian Inspirational Card Catalog - $70/50, $95/250, $120/500 cards or $155/1000 cards, including shipping.



These are folded tent cards are 5.5" x 4", and fit in Invitations Envelopes you can purchase anywhere very cheaply.

These cards allow you to a more formal way to express your gratitude, inspiration or admiration to you communication. In a world where everything is sent electronically, to save money, to save time, or just because that is what people do, these cards at once supply a proof of your sentiment. Our world is controlled by success tracks, systems and ways to automate our feelings, and these cards allow you to make it human again!

Click Here for Martial Arts Note Cards

Click Here for Christian/Church Note Cards


Personal Use Note Cards

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When you have something to say to encourage or notice another's behavior, actions or how they live their life, and you want to inspire or acknowledge them, then this card is for you.


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He has plans for You!

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If you are not a church, but a private person, we can print your Facebook address, your name, or leave the website off ... it is all up to YOU!


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