How To Order

Once you have decided which card, go to the order form at the bottom of each page, and enter the requested information.


Select the Item you want at the top of the order entry form.


Once you have filled in the necesary information, and uploaded you logo, press the PRINT button for you pre-confirmation recorded of you order, and then press the CONTINUE button to go to the order payment page, where you add this item to your cart.


If you want more items, select that after adding this item to your cart.







Click on the card below for a full sized representation of the cards, and start your order below!!


Good Job Notes gives you the ability to order up to 50 Postcards, from this page, for only $0.50 each, with only $2.00 in S&H. That means you can order 50 of 1 card, or 2 or three of each, whatever you want, for just 50 cents a card. The smallest order is 1 card, and the largest from this page is 50 cards.


Inspire, motivate, encourage or recognize those that do. Change some lives today with

Kicking 1 - Kicking It

church 1 thank you card atta boy spread your wings Luke 10:27 brighten you day oops card Thank You words john 3:16 standing on shoulders fisher of men easter bunny 1 Easter Duck easter bunny


If you are not a church, but a private person, we can print your Facebook address, or leave the website off ... it is all up to YOU!

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